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Praise for After Helen

“Paul Cavanagh reads like a North of 49 Anne Tyler: by turns funny and moving, his new novel explores the ambiguity of modern relationships, and points toward reconciliation with facts we cannot change.”

– Antanas Sileika, Author of Underground

Cavanagh writes “with incisive observational skill and a plain-spoken, moderate tone. The result is an emotional depth that is often shocking in its intensity, fidelity and resonance…. I’m not the first one to say it, but here it is: After Helen is a winner.”

– Robert Wiersema, The Globe & Mail

“Helen is a complex and powerful character in a novel full of them, but she is by herself worth the price of admission.”

– David Worsley, The Waterloo Record

“An absorbing and deeply touching debut, After Helen is a whirlwind of a novel that, once started, is incredibly difficult to put down.”

– Alison Potter, Irish Examiner

“…enticing and exciting… a witty book with powerfully moving moments throughout… Overall, a teasingly, addictive novel…”

– Katy Hepburn, We Love This Book

“Everything is beautifully fleshed-out, from the supporting cast of characters, through the Canadian landscape, to the parallels with a doomed Victorian expedition to find the Northwest Passage. And the detail is superlative. I can see why Cavanagh won a Lit Idol competition, because it’s difficult to criticise anything in this story: prose, structure, plot development, consistent characterisation, background, continuity of theme. This is a well-written novel.” (Recommended book)

– Jill Murphy, The Bookbag

“Each revelation holds within it a possibility of letting go the past – and each ‘goodbye’ is really a invitation to new opportunities and new worlds. That’s the underlying, compelling message of After Helen, a new/old novel with an unusual story to tell: one that isn’t limited to the pages of this book.”

– D. Donovan, Midwest Book Reviews

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