Book Launch Pt. 2

Lit Idol – Not That London

Paul tells the story of how he became the world’s first Lit Idol at the London Book Fair in the UK and why he’s adopted the moniker Not That London Writer.


Visiting book clubs

Paul invites book clubs to reach out to him


Audience Q – Writing routine

Paul answers a question about his writing routine


Audience Q – Working from an outline

Paul answers a question about whether he works from an outline when writing a novel


Audience Q – How long to write

Audience Q: “How long did it take you to write Weekend Pass?”


Audience Q – Editing

Paul makes a (perhaps shocking) admission about how Weekend Pass was edited.


Audience Q – Working on now

Audience question: “What are you working on now?”


Audience Q – Epilogue

Paul discusses the epilogue in Weekend Pass and its importance to the story (without revealing too many details)


Audience Q – Sequel

Audience Q: “Might you consider writing a sequel to Weekend Pass?”


Audience Q – Cover design

Paul talks about the cover design for Weekend Pass


Audience Q – Twitter Fiction

An audience member asks Paul whether he’s ever considered taking one of his tweet-sized tales and using it as inspiration for a novel.


Available Now

Weekend Pass

Literary Fiction

Who can forgive a mother who poisons her eight-year-old son? Even if it was an accident.

Tasha thought she had everything under control – her family life, her career as a nurse – until her son got into her stash of painkillers. Now, during her first weekend home from drug treatment, she must come to grips with the damage she’s done and somehow pick up the pieces. Told from the points of view of four different family members, Weekend Pass is a story about the lies we tell ourselves and the people we love. And it’s about struggling to rise above the mistakes that threaten to define us.