To build interest for my soon-to-be-released third novel, Weekend Pass, I’m giving away an ebook of my award-winning debut novel, After Helen, to anyone who wants one.

Earn brownie points with your friends by forwarding this message and putting them on to this FREE limited-time offer. If they’ve never read one of my books before, it’s a great way for them to test-drive my work.   

Your friends can get After Helen for free at

Never read After Helen yourself? Now’s the perfect opportunity!

Ten things about me

I was recently invited by the Portobello Book Blog in the UK to tell its readers ten things about myself.

I told them how I came to write my first book, why I go by the moniker Not That London Writer, and what I get out of writing (among other things).

Interested? Check out the Ten Things for yourself.

Weekend Pass advance review copies

Free advance copies of Weekend Pass are still available. If you’d like to help build momentum for the book’s release by writing a review, simply reply to this email. Don’t worry if you’ve never written a reader review before. It’s easier than you think. I can provide you with a few (impartial) pointers.