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Here’s a collage of Instagram images from the blog tour for Weekend Pass. Click on an image to see the corresponding review. (The tour was organized through iRead Book Tours.)

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Weekend Pass

Literary Fiction

Who can forgive a mother who poisons her eight-year-old son? Even if it was an accident. 

Tasha was normally so careful keeping her stash of painkillers away from Jake. As a conscientious nurse and mother, she still can’t understand how she could have let it happen. She hasn’t seen her son since he was rushed to emerg and her husband, Baker, got a court order to keep her away. Her dad and her aunt have tried to reassure her that Jake is well on the way to making a full recovery, but she’s frightened they’re just protecting her from the truth – that the harm she’s done her little boy will be with him for the rest of his life. Now, during her first weekend home from drug treatment, she’ll finally see for herself.

Told from the points of view of four different family members, Weekend Pass is a story about the lies we tell ourselves and the people we love. And it’s about struggling to rise above the mistakes that threaten to define us.