I ran a live poll with the people who attended my recent book launch party and learned a few interesting things:

  • A majority of them (59%) are reading more books during the pandemic than they did before
  • About a third of them belong to book clubs that have continued to meet virtually
  • Just under a third of them don’t currently belong to a book club, but are open to invitations

This once again confirms that reading has become a popular activity in these days of isolation. And people are continuing to value opportunities to talk about what they’re reading.

Need help connecting with other book lovers? Let me know. I’m thinking of hosting an online get-together for people who’d like to discuss my latest novel, Weekend Pass. It’s a chance to meet other folks with similar interests, something that’s not particularly easy when you’re stuck at home. Just reply to this message. If there’s enough interest, I’ll set something up.

Already belong to a book club? If you’re thinking of Weekend Pass as a possible selection, shoot me an email. (Again, the simplest way is to reply to this message.) I’m happy to make sure all members of your club get copies in a timely manner. And I can even drop in on your book discussion via Zoom, if you like.


Another thing I learned during my book launch: most people who attended (59%) prefer paperbacks.

That’s why I’ve made it easier to find online stores where you can buy Weekend Pass in paperback. Simply visit my website.

Buy one get one

And remember: when you buy Weekend Pass, you can get a copy of one of my other novels for free. If you’ve already read my other novels, you can gift your free copy to a friend. Ask me how when you claim your free book. Don’t miss out. This offer ends in one week.