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  1. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for keeping me on your list of contacts. I appreciate your help and am interested in your progress as a Company. I like to hear how you have succeeded against rather formidable odds. Was your book published by Harper-Collins before or after you entered the Book Fair? I have almost completed an historical novel set in Elliot Lake. I have contacted several agents – all of whom require at least three months to consider my request. I have also contacted three publishers which can be approached without an agent. I chose Ronsdale, Scrivener and House of Anansi. I think I have an outside chance with Scrivener since it is based in Sudbury and deals with northern Ontario topics. At my age I’m not interested in money, but I’m interested in getting published because I feel the information in my book should be made public. I started doing this book as escapism from the monotony of living in a Senior’s Home and being deaf on top of that. However my work has turned out much better than I expected. I have got the book you recommended and will probably go with Ingram Spark as you have probably researched the matter and concluded this is the best course of what is available in self publishing. I am going to wait the required three months and see if anything develops. Thanks so much for your interest and support and good luck with your publishing company.

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